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Early intervention utilizing vocational rehabilitation services results in a positive outcome for injured employees. Returning the injured worker to productivity has proven economic, physical and emotional benefits.

Effective case management is essential in helping to control expenses of lost employee time by monitoring the employee’s recovery in assuring the appropriate caregiver is utilized at the right time. Case Management Works offers quality professional services provided by experienced, certified consultants committed to efficient, effective case resolution.

Vocational Evaluation services analyzes loss of earnings assessment resulting from injuries determined through comprehensive evaluations that may include testing and a transferable skills analysis of industry recognized jobs. These services would be appropriate for litigation cases that require an evaluation and expert witness testimony addressing employability and wage earning capacity.

Services offered: Vocational Rehabilitation, Vocational Rehabilitation Evaluations, Litigation/Expert Witness Assessments and Labor Market Surveys. 
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Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation services are provided as defined under the State of Hawaii Worker's Compensation Law. As an injured worker, you now have the right to choose from a list of counselors provided by the Department of Labor.

Vocational rehabilitation services include:

Forensic Vocational Services

Don Kegler and Tony Hunstiger have provided evaluations, litigation support, and appeared as experts in Federal and State Courts for both the plaintiff and defendant for many years.

Services include: